About Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community-supported agriculture farms began in the early 1960s in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan as a response to concerns about food safety and the urbanization of agricultural land.  Groups of consumers and farmers in Europe formed cooperative partnerships to fund farming and pay the true costs of ecologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. Joining a CSA is a shared commitment between the consumer and the farmer providing some certainty to the farmer in the way of a secure market for our produce in the fickle world we know as farming. CSA members are a “certain kind” of customer.  Not a “better” customer, just a “certain” kind.  The kind that matches the unique format of a CSA model.  My goal at Happy Hollow Farm CSA is to provide the highest quality produce possible.  I strive to offer the most organized and effective way for consumers to buy seasonally fresh produce directly from a local farm.  I want to get to know my customers and in surveys year after year the number one reason members say they join our farm is because they “appreciate being a part of Happy Hollow Farm and having the opportunity to get to know their farmer”.

What is Happy Hollow Farm Community Supported Agriculture?

Happy Hollow Farm’s CSA is comprised of individuals who play a significant role in supporting local sustainable certified organic agriculture. As the farmer, I offer a certain number of “shares” to the local community. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a “membership” or a “subscription”) and in return receive a box of seasonal local USDA certified organic produce each week throughout the farming season. The farmer and the consumer thus provide mutual support and share in the risks and wonderful rewards of local food production.
Families and individuals who join Happy Hollow Farm CSA will receive a share of produce every week during the growing season (roughly early-May thru the end of December). In exchange, members sign a contract for the season, agree to pay in advance, agreeing to be the farm’s customer for the entire season. Members will also help with some of the work of harvesting and distribution of the weekly boxes. Both partners share in the risks and genuine rewards of small-scale farming: weather, insect damage, and bumper crops.

Meet the FarmHer

Liz Graznak is a Columbia native whose love of gardening and the outdoors is primarily the result of time spent outside with her grandparents as a child. It was in grad school at Cornell University that Liz discovered CSA farms and realized she too wanted to grow vegetables. After working on a number of different farms out east and in the Midwest Liz decided to move back to the Columbia area. She also realized that if she was ever going to be able to afford to purchase her own farm than she was going to have to have a “real” job for a while. After six years of working at Superior Garden Center Liz & Katie were able to purchase Happy Hollow Farm. CSA farming has provided the opportunity to fulfill Liz’s long anticipated goal of growing beautiful, healthy food and sharing it with a community of people that share her enthusiasm and commitment to a local food system.  Liz is entering her eighth year of certified organic production and has expanded to nearly 7 acres of veggies, fruit, eggs & flowers that she sells thru the CSA, at the Columbia Farmers Market and to a number of local restaurants and grocery stores.

Share Sizes & Costs

2020 Veggie CSA Share Details

2020 HHF Price List

  • Weekly Choice CSA Share:  In an effort to offer more flexibility and choice to our CSA members, you now have the ability to choose what veggies you get in your weekly CSA Share. Each member will receive an email prior to your weekly CSA delivery. In this e-mail you will be presented with a number of different available vegetables to choose from. Some limits of quantity will be placed on certain items depending on your share size. For example Single Shares can choose 1 head of lettuce and Full Shares could have up to 2 heads. Members will also be able to choose to not take an item. For example if you don’t want beets this week but would rather have a bunch of radishes or Hakurei Turnips. Members will still sign up for the 32 week Extended Season or the 24 week Summer Season and 8 week Winter Seasons respectively.  For those members that are happy with a pre-packed CSA share each week, you will still be able to sign up for the traditional CSA share option; one where FarmHer Liz decides what veggies to include in your weekly CSA share.
  • Extended Season Share:  You can now sign up for 32 weeks (combined summer & winter seasons) of delicious certified organic veggies, fruit, flowers & eggs. That’s nearly 3/4 of the year! Full & Single CSA share sizes are all available for the Extended Season. CSA members who support the farm for the entire season receive a discounted share price compared to joining for the separate Summer & Winter seasons.  Full share for 32 weeks ($42 per week, includes tax, $1,344 total) & Single Share ($30 per week, includes tax, $960 total).
  • Full Share, Summer: $1,080 for 24 weeks ($45 per week, includes tax). This amount of produce is suitable for a single family which regularly eats a lot of vegetables and cooks at least 4-5 meals at home per week. Also appropriate for two households who do not eat a lot of vegetables and may want to split the vegetables in each week’s box.
  • Single Share, Summer: $792 for 24 weeks ($33 per week, includes tax). FarmHer Liz recommends this share to most people that are new to joining a CSA. This share will receive 5-7 different items each week and is an amount of produce suitable for a single person who cooks 3-4 days a week or folks that are new to seasonal vegetable eating.
  • Farmers Market Share, Summer Only: $600 for the 24 week Summer Season only (includes tax). For those members committed to supporting Happy Hollow Farm but who prefer to choose your veggies every week, this option is for you! During the 24 week Summer CSA season this share allows members to “shop” from our stall on Saturday mornings at the Columbia Farmers Market.
  • Egg Share:  Add any size egg share (1/2 dozen/week-$4.50, 1 dozen/week-$7, or 2 dozen/week-$13) to your Summer CSA share and the eggs will be delivered weekly with your vegetables.
  • Flower Bouquet Share: $255 for 17 weeks ($15.00 per week includes tax, during the summer CSA season) you will receive a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers.  Each bouquet is uniquely crafted & contains a wide assortment of the ornamental cut flowers we grow on the farm.  Everyone knows flowers make you smile!  Flower shares are delivered each week with veggie CSA shares.
  • Home Delivery: For $7 per week ($168 for 24 weeks) you can have your CSA share delivered to your door. All that we require is that you leave a cooler (with some form of ice or coolant) large enough to fit all the veggies & eggs (if applicable) on your door step each week. Currently available for Wednesday afternoon deliveries.  Delivery will be available to members living within the Stadium, I-70, and Old Highway 63 circle. If more than one member lives on the same or neighboring streets, delivery fees may be reduced by up to half. Please contact FarmHer LIZ to inquire about this option. If a member moves from an assigned delivery location during the CSA season (whether it is a home or work address), deliveries will default to the Wednesday drop site unless other arrangements can be made.
  • Non-Working Share: For those members unable to complete the work-share portion of their membership, for $150 ($6 per week) more you may opt out of your farm work-share. Two distribution site work shifts are required.
  • Extra-Work Share: For those members interested in joining the CSA and playing a more active role in the daily workings of the farm, you may opt to work an additional 20 hours for a total of 7 – 4 hour Farm Work shifts for $150 off the original share price. You are also required to work 2 – 2.5 hour shifts at one of distribution sites during the course of the 24 week season.  Farm work shifts take place Wednesday mornings 8-noon and the first Saturday (also 8-noon) of each month of the 24 week CSA season.  If you are interested in this option please contact Farmer Liz directly as there are a limited number of Extra Work Shares available.
  • Reduced Rate Share:  Reduced rate shares provide the opportunity for anyone interested in joining the CSA to be a member.  We recognize that everyone’s financial circumstances are different.  And we are committed to providing the opportunity for everyone to have equal access to delicious healthy produce and the CSA community.  Thanks to generous donations from fellow CSA members in support of this program, Reduced Rate CSA Shares (in the amount of $100 per share membership) are now available for anyone that would like to join the CSA.  Please contact FarmHer Liz directly if you are interested in this new CSA membership option.
  • Payment Plans
    One single payment: Pay full amount either with a check or online thru Pay Pal.
    Two payments: Pay half when you sign up and the other half by May 15th, 2020.
    Three payments: Pay 1/3 when you sign up, 1/3 by April 15th & 1/3 by May 15th, 2020.
    SNAP/EBT Recipients: You may pay with EBT tokens that you receive from the Columbia Farmers Market. Contact FarmHer Liz directly if you are interested in this option.
    Payment must be received in full by June 15th of each season to receive your CSA shares.
  • Bulk Vegetable Purchases: Bulk quantities can also be purchased throughout the season for canning, freezing, and storage as the vegetables are available. Throughout the season FarmHer LIZ will notify members when bulk quantities are available.
    2020 Winter CSA Share details

    Join us for the 2020 winter CSA season beginning late October thru early January. If you love greens & root vegetables then this is the season for you!! The winter CSA season will run for 8 weeks and includes delicious cool weather veggies such as:  kale, swiss chard, cabbage, spinach, beets, carrots, onions, various types of head lettuce, asian greens, arugula and much more.

    Due to the unpredictability of winter weather there are no farm work or distribution work requirements for the winter season.

      • Full Share $384 for 8 weeks ($48 per week, includes tax). This size share typically contains 7-9 different vegetables and a total volume of about one paper grocery bag.
      • Single Share $297 for 8 weeks ($37 per week, includes tax). This size share is tailored to a single person or a couple that eats at home 3-4 nights a week. This size share typically contains 5-7 different items.

    Payment Plans
    Payment plan options are the same as the summer CSA season.  Contact FarmHer Liz directly if you have questions.
    Payment must be received in full by November 15th to receive your winter CSA shares.

    Late Sign-Up Fee
    CSA members who enroll after May 15th and September 15th pay a $25 late fee. It is difficult to plan my production & planting schedule when members sign up after the start of the summer & winter seasons.

      Egg CSA Share details

      Egg shares are now available thru your HHF CSA membership. Add any size egg share to your CSA share and the eggs will be delivered weekly with your vegetables. Egg laying is heavily influenced by day length.  As such egg shares are only available for the 24 week summer CSA season.  Our hens spend their days on fresh grass and following in the fields behind vegetable production eating bugs, grass, weeds & veggie scraps. We also offer them supplemental mixed whole grains to round out their diets. Members tell us time & time again that our eggs have the most beautiful, rich orange yolks of any eggs they’ve ever had. If you’re wondering why our eggs are priced as they are, check out this great article by some fellow Mid-Missouri farming friends at Chert Hollow Farm.

      Egg shares available include:
      • 1/2 dozen eggs per week, Summer CSA Season only ($4.50/week, includes tax)
      • 1 dozen eggs per week, Summer CSA Season only ($7/week, includes tax)
      • 2 dozen eggs per week, Summer CSA Season only ($13/week, includes tax)

      Payment is made in addition to your CSA membership.

      Seasonal Flower Bouquet CSA Share details


      “The earth laughs in flowers” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

      Each bouquet is uniquely crafted and contains a wide assortment of the seasonal ornamental cut flowers that we grow on the farm.   $15 per week for 17 weeks for a total of $255 (during the summer CSA season) you will receive a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers. 

      Payment is made in addition to your CSA share membership.

      Membership Details

      CSA Share Details
      Are you new to CSA? Our long time CSA member Alysia B. recommends you check out the Fair Share CSA Coalition website for tips on how to get the most out of your weekly CSA share and how to be a GREAT CSA member!

      • Full Share typically contains 7-9 different vegetables and a total volume of about 0.6-0.75 bushels per week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season, and more during the peak of the growing season). During the peak of the season this is slightly more than the volume of a large paper grocery bag.
      Full Share Week 13, 2013 Summer Season

      Full Share Week 13, 2013 Summer Season

      • Single Share is for members that are single or may not eat as many vegetables in a week as the Partial Share option. This membership option will receive 5-7 different items each week (quantities are less the first few weeks of the season, and more during the peak of the growing season).

      Single Share Week 13, 2013 CSA Season

      Single Share Week 13, 2013 CSA Season

      • Farmers Market Share is for those members committed to supporting Happy Hollow Farm but who prefer to choose your veggies every week, this option is for you! For $600 you can “shop” from our stall during the 24 week CSA season on Saturdays at the Columbia Farmers Market. This option provides members with the same direct connection to their farmer, gives a stable source of income to the farm at the time it is most needed, and allows members more choice in the vegetables they receive each week. Members will receive a card (HHF CSA bucks) with which they can keep track of their “purchases” each week. Farmer Liz will also keep a running tally of weekly “purchases”. Members may “purchase” as little or as much every week, however, they must spend all of their HHF CSA bucks within the same 24 weeks as the CSA season.

      Farmers Market, Mid Summer Season

      • Non-Working Share is for those members unable to complete the work-share portion of their membership. For $150 ($6 per week) more you may opt out of your work-share. This option requires no work on the farm and 2 distribution site work shifts.
      • Extra Work Share  This share option is available for those members interested in joining the CSA & playing a more active role in the weekly harvesting of veggies. This share option requires that you work 20 hours in addition to the required 12 hours. The additional work hours allows you to deduct $150 off the original share price. This membership option also requires you to work 2 distribution site work shifts.
      • Egg Shares are also available and can be picked up weekly with your vegetable shares. Happy Hollow Farm hens are fed certified organic grains and vegetable scraps from the farm. Although eggs will keep for months in your refrigerator (most eggs purchased at the grocery store are 2-3 months old by the time you buy them), the eggs you will be receiving are a couple weeks old at most. The hens are housed in a portable chicken coop and moved thru the vegetable fields in a timely fashion so as to provide nutrients to the soil and clean up insects & vegetable matter left after harvesting.  Our daughter Sylvia is becoming a very good helper with the daily chicken chores.
      Sylvia Feeding the Chickens

      Sylvia Feeding the Chickens

      • Flower Shares are now available for 17 weeks of the summer CSA season and can be picked up with your vegetable shares.  All bouquets are hand crafted and unique, using the wide range of ornamental cut flowers grown on the farm.  Flower shares are limited to members that pick up on Saturdays at the farmers market due to ease of distribution and wanting to maintain the highest quality and freshness of the bouquets.

      Mid summer flower bouquet

      Which membership option is best for me?


      Choose an amount of vegetables that you will be comfortable preparing and eating over the entire season (24 or 32 weeks). Items are typically what you would purchase seasonally at the farmers market in order to make a meal. Liz is also interested in trying different varieties and will introduce members to new and interesting vegetables. The samples below can help you decide which share option may work best for you:



      Late May/Early June

      Veggies Single Share Full Share
      leaf lettuce (head) 1 2
      arugula (bag) 0 1
      swiss chard (bunch) 0 1
      kale (bunch) 1 2
      radish (bunch) 1 2
      baby bok choi 0 2
      hakurei turnips (bunch) 1 2
      scallions (bunch) ½ 1


      Veggies Single Share Full Share
      slicing tomatoes 4 6-8
      cucumbers 1 3
      sweet peppers 1 3-4
      cherry tomatoes 1 pint 1 quart
      summer squash 1-2 4-6
      zucchini 1 3
      eggplant 1 4
      garlic cloves 1 2
      fresh basil (bag) 1 2
      scallions (bunch) ½ 1
      melon 1 1


      Veggies Single Share Full Share
      leaf lettuce (head) 1 2
      endive 0 2
      winter squash 1 2
      kale (bunch) 1 2
      radish (bunch) 1 2
      beets (bunch) 0 2
      broccoli 1 2
      garlic cloves 1 2
      storage onions 1 3


      Where do I pick up my CSA Share?
      Distribution locations for the 2019 season:

      • Wednesday afternoon home deliveries will take place
      • Wednesday – 4:30pm – 6pm at a CSA members house in Columbia, MO.  2 locations: one by the Columbia Country Club and the second near the Clovers at Forum & Chapel Hill.
      • Saturday – 9am-11:00am at the MU Health Care Pavilion Clary Shy Agriculture Park, home of the Columbia Farmers Market, corner of Ash & Clinkscales


      How do I become a member?
      The member signup form is on the Join Us page of the website. I currently limit the membership to the number I can feed from the farm and I accept members on a first come, first served basis.


      How does sharing a box work?
      For those shareholders that feel a full share of produce is too much food for them, you are welcome to initiate splitting a box with a friend or neighbor. This responsibility is entirely up to you, however, to determine who you are splitting the box with and how you will split up the produce. I will send weekly newsletters to both shareholders and keep the contact information of both shareholders involved in the box splitting. I would strongly recommend that one shareholder pick up the share each week and then at one of the shareholder’s homes the division of the box actually occur. This will eliminate any potential confusion at the pick-up site. Unfortunately, I cannot help with linking two potential shareholders for a box sharing. I have enough in managing the farm to keep track of.

      What are Farm Work Shifts & what will I do?

      Farm Work Shifts:

      • 2 Farm Shifts are required per CSA share/membership.  Each shift is 4 hours each (8 AM – Noon) for a total of 8 hours. 
      • Farm Work Shifts are every Wednesday and the first Saturday of the month during the 24 week CSA season. If two people sign up for the same shift day/time then that fulfills your two Farm Work Shift requirements.  A Google Calendar is used to coordinate members signing up for their Farm Work & Distribution Work Shifts.

      All members of Happy Hollow Farm fulfill a small work requirement as part of their CSA membership. A CSA CORE group member will contact members about scheduling their work shifts. Work may include; harvesting produce from the fields, washing, packing boxes, and assisting with other farm chores as time permits. Harvesting takes place in any and all weather.

      Work on the farm can be dirty, sweaty, hot, wet and a few days a year absolutely perfect. Because of these conditions it is necessary to bring and/or wear: close toed shoes, hats, sunscreen, gloves, possibly rain gear (jacket, pants, boots), plenty of water and a smile.
      CSA members grading squash for packing in the shares
      Members do have the option of buying out of their work requirement for an additional $150 for the 24 week summer season. Another option is to work 20 hours in addition to the hours required for each membership option. The extra work allows for you to deduct $150 from each of the CSA membership options. Please see the Membership Options question for more information.

      A note about children: I highly encourage parents to bring their children to the farm. However, a work shift cannot be satisfied by anyone under the age of 12 years old. Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times and this cannot be the person who is satisfying the work requirement. This is a working farm and could potentially be dangerous to unsupervised young ones.

      What do I need to bring along for my Farm Work Shift?
      • Wear durable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty.
      • Bring two to three pairs of shoes: one pair of sturdy work boots or shoes, rubber boots for early morning dew or rainy conditions and one pair of comfortable shoes to change into once your shift is complete.
      • Wear layers of clothing and plan ahead for inclement weather.
      • Bring a rain coat (and pants if you have them) for washing vegetables or for the days when harvesting must happen in the rain.
      • Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat (that will stay on in the wind)… These are absolute musts.
      • Bring work gloves if you prefer to wear them or your hands are prone to blisters.
      • Absolutely don’t forget a water bottle! I have wonderful well water if you run out of your own.
      What and when are Distribution Shifts?
      4:00pm – 6:00pm Wednesday at a CSA members house, Columbia MO.
      9:00am – 11:30am Saturday at the Columbia Farmers Market, Clary-Shy Agriculture Park

      All members of Happy Hollow Farm, as part of your membership in the CSA, fulfill time helping at the distribution sites. Each membership works 2 distribution shifts (2.5 hours each) during the course of the 24 week season to assist with distributing boxes and answering potential questions that members may have. A CSA CORE group member will contact members about scheduling your shifts.

      Distribution Site Duties

      • Help unload and set up the share boxes
      • Do not take a box yourself unless it is your regularly scheduled distribution day
      • Greet each member as they arrive

      Complete The Checklist

      • Check off member’s name once they pick up their box
      • Use the provided checklist to verify member is picking up a single, partial, or full share
      • Place a check by any member’s name who does NOT return a box from the previous week
      • Store returned boxes and burlap sacks
      • Stack boxes in an out-of-the way place
      • Lay the burlap sacks flat in a stack to dry
      • Place burlap sacks on top of boxes before leaving the site
      • Call members who have not arrived 15 minutes prior to the end of the distribution shift to verify whether they’re coming. If they are not coming leave a note or notify the drop site host so they can take care of the extra share?
      Is the farm dangerous? Is it safe for children?
      Sylvia & Allis G
      The farm has many hazards for adults and children.

      Please observe all safety guidelines and instructions given to you by FarmHer Liz and/or the farm crew during your work shift.



      • I highly encourage you to bring children to the farm. However, in my experience small children tend to lose interest in farm tasks rather quickly, and the attention span for farm work of 10-14 year olds is variable.
      • Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times. This should not be the person performing the work shift.
      • Children may not enter any of the farm buildings (barn, greenhouse, coolers, packing areas, etc. unless supervised by an adult at all times. Hazards include moving equipment, sharp tools, and supplies such as fertilizers, oil, gas, etc. are common around the farm.
      • Do not touch or climb on any farm vehicles (tractors, mowers, wagons, etc.) or stand in between vehicles attached to wagons or implements.
      • Many farm tools are very sharp. You may only handle farm tools after you have been properly instructed how to do so by the farmer.
      • Listen to your body and resist the urge to overexert yourself. If you are feeling poorly, please tell the farmer immediately.
      What if I can't pick up my share?
      If you cannot pick up a scheduled delivery, you have three options:
      1. Have a friend pick it up for you (the best option!)
      2. Contact the farmer 3 days in advance to reschedule for the other pick-up day of the same week. If you usually pick up Saturday, you would pick up the Wednesday before, and if you pick up on Wednesday you would pick up the following Saturday. This change means you go to a different distribution site and is limited to three times per season per membership.
      3. Lose your share for that week. We cannot hold produce over until the next week.
      *** Please note ***
      I understand that you may be disappointed if you forget or something comes up and you are unable to pick up your CSA share. However, without one day prior notification to farmer Liz, it is not possible to “hold over” your veggies for longer than the alloted pick up time. Any un-picked up CSA shares will be distributed at the discretion of the site host and are not replaceable or refundable.
      I'm interested in your CSA, but I live outside of your delivery range. Can you still help me?
      Unfortunately I do not currently offer any other delivery services other than to the official drop off sites within Columbia city limits. This is a symptom of my belief in providing healthy, fresh and local produce to my community. I am very happy to offer on-farm pick up for shareholders that live within close proximity to the farm. Please make a note of your wish to arrange for on-farm pick-up on your CSA sign-up form.For those who are still too far away to receive our vegetables or if we are sold out and you would like to try another CSA in the area, I recommend you visit the following web sites that focus on matching people to CSAs in their immediate area:

      Can I visit the farm?
      I highly encourage CSA shareholders to visit the farm. After all this is the place that will be providing you and your family with a large portion of the food you will be eating for 32 weeks of the year. Please remember, however, this is a working farm and I am a very busy woman! If you are interested in visiting the farm please call or e-mail me in advance so we can set up a time to meet and I will be happy to give you a tour.

      Make The Most Out Of Your CSA Membership

      How consistent are the boxes?
      Single Share, Week 4, 2013

      I try to distribute all of the produce each week as evenly as possible to the members. As the produce is harvested and washed it is separated by size. This allows me to balance the quantity of all the vegetables going into each share. For example, two small heads of lettuce will be included in a share instead of one large head of lettuce.

      How do I learn to eat the CSA way?
      Patience my apprentice… It’s a marathon, not a sprint to the finish line. CSA membership takes time to see results. I have members that say that only after their 3rd year as a member have they learned to consistently use the contents of each week’s CSA box. This means you will waste some food on the front end as you move thru the learning curve. Come into this experience with an adventurous spirit and go easy on yourself if you fail to eat the entire box every week. It’s hard to do, especially as a rookie member of the team. There will be many weeks that you have every intention of being a “super chef” and make every effort to maximize your CSA experience. But then real life sets in and you will find yourself slicing tomatoes and slapping them on a piece of bread with some mayonnaise. Realize that if CSA membership is your goal, it takes time to learn the skill sets. (Don’t worry, I will teach them to you). Set realistic goals the first year, and work your way into it. Also realize that in this journey to kitchen mastery, you’re going to waste some food, especially in the first learning year. My goal as your farmer, is to introduce you to a new paradigm of eating and enjoying the seasonal bounty of veggies that we can grow here in mid-MO throughout the entire growing season!
      What produce can I expect throughout the season?
      Vegetable May June July Aug Sept Oct
      Beans, Green                
      Bok Choi            
      Broccoli Raab                
      Brussels Sprouts                    
      Fennel Bulb                
      Hakurei Turnips          
      Pea shoots                  
      Squash, Summer              
      Squash, Winter                  
      Swiss Chard          
      Sweet Potatoes                  
      Tat Soi          
      = we plan to distribute a vegetable frequently
      = less frequent distribution
      How can I be assured the vegetables will be of good quality?
      The quality of your vegetables is determined by a variety of factors. At the farm, I go to great lengths to optimize the variables that are controllable. Almost everything delivered in the boxes is harvested within 24 hours of you receiving the boxes. I harvest as early in the day as possible and immediately bring the vegetables into the shaded washing area. Those vegetables that respond best to a cold-water bath are then washed and moved into coolers for storage. There are a few crops such as onions and potatoes, which will store longer if not rinsed.

      Once your veggies are delivered it is up to you to continue preserving their quality. To keep your produce as fresh as possible, pick up as early as you can on your delivery day. I use cedar crates covered with wet burlap sacks, which help hold the cool moist temperatures of the produce, however, the delivery site does not have refrigeration, so the sooner you pick up the better. During the heat of the summer the freshness and quality of your produce can quickly go down hill so once you get home store your various vegetables properly.

      Despite my every effort there will sometimes be crops that do not do well due to weather, pests, etc. If there are certain crops which do not do well they will not be included in your shares and I will make sure to let you know in the newsletter.

      In no way do I feel it acceptable to put less than the highest quality produce in your share. Try as hard as I may you might receive something that you are not happy with. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the produce you have received than please contact me and I will make every effort to rectify the situation.

      What if I don't like a specific vegetable?
      This is one of the beauties of joining a CSA. The wide variety of produce you will receive throughout the season provide you with the opportunity to try things you may not be familiar with. The very seasonality of growing vegetables in mid-Missouri assures you that if there are some things you don’t like, no worries, you won’t get them for too many weeks. Try new recipes or give those things to other CSA members, friends or neighbors.
      How do I prepare my produce?
      Members receive an abundance and diversity of vegetables throughout the growing season. You should be ready to regularly prepare vegetables and to occasionally eat something unfamiliar. We work hard to help members prepare and enjoy their produce:

      • Our weekly newsletters include useful cooking suggestions and tasty, practical recipes.
      • On our website you can search past newsletters for recipes using a variety of different vegetables.
      • Download our Vegetable Preservation Chart.
      • For help with planning meals, members can choose to receive the weekly newsletter via email forecasting the vegetables which will be in their box each week.
      • From Asparagus To Zucchini Cookbook
        This cookbook published and distributed by the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition (MACSAC). Contact Happy Hollow Farm if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this cookbook. For $20 it will be a great resource for any member or veggie loving person that is excited to try new and different ways of preparing your produce!
      Vegetable Preservation Chart

      Check out this Vegetable Preservation Chart for tips on how to best store the various veggies you will be receiving throughout the CSA season.  One of the many benefits to being an HHF CSA member is receiving the highest quality & freshest produce possible.  Stored correctly in your fridge many of the leafy green items will last up to a couple of weeks.