Week 6 Winter CSA Season

Dusk on the farmThe last couple of weeks have brought cold wintery weather to the hollow.  Along with the snow and freezing temps we’ve also had some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises that I can remember.

Check out this week’s Week 6, Winter Squash CSA newsletter to find out what fabulous veggies will be in your share this week.  There are also 2 great soup recipes in this week’s newsletter.

Week 5 Winter CSA Season

If anyone is wondering how we keep veggies alive when the temperatures dip down to 7 or 8 degrees.  Well, these little babies and the high tunnel are the key!

Not that we are able to harvest anything when it’s as cold as it has been the past week and a half.  But at least the veggies are alive.

Remember that CSA shares will only be available for pick up on Saturday Dec. 14th 8:30am – 10am at the indoor Columbia Farmers Market at Parkade Plaza (off the Business Loop).

Check out this week’s Week 5, Kohlrabi CSA newsletter to find out what veggies will be in your shares this week.

Caterpillar tunnels 12.8.2013

Caterpillar tunnels 12.8.2013

Week 4 Winter CSA Newsletter

Insulating the well house Oh…  the weather outside is frightful…

… but the well house is super warm and cozy inside now that we’ve finally got the insulation project finished!

Winter is supposed to be a time of rest for us work weary and worn farmers.  But not in the hollow!  We’re busy all the time; finally getting around to all the projects that needed to be done months ago but we couldn’t find the time during the busy growing season.

Check out this week’s Week 4, Escarole CSA newsletter to find out what goodies are in your share this week.

Week 3 Winter CSA Newsletter

Thanksgiving Image Vintage


From our family to yours!






We have friends coming to visit from Wisconsin this week so I’m looking forward to taking a break, eating lots of yummy food and spending time with them!

Check out this week’s Week 3, Thanksgiving CSA newsletter to find out what fabulous veggies you will have to serve with your Thanksgiving meal.

Week 2 Winter CSA Newsletter

Cutting & measuring oak lumber for barn sidingIt’s been a busy week on the farm!  We’re busy with our barn siding project, continuing to harvest lots of veggies and spending a fair bit of time covering & uncovering plants with frost cloth.  Fall/winter growing is my favorite time of year for many reasons but frost cloth can be trying on our nerves, especially when it’s super windy out.

Check out this week’s Week 2, Swiss Chard CSA newsletter to find out what veggies will be in your box this week as well as a couple recipes and ideas for preparing the many new veggies in your share.