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Weekly Choice CSA Shares

New for the 2020 growing season, we are now offering Weekly Choice CSA Shares. In an effort to offer more flexibility and choice to our CSA members, you now have the ability to choose what veggies you get in your weekly CSA Share. Each member will receive an email prior to your weekly CSA delivery. In this e-mail you will be presented with a number of different available vegetables to choose from. Some limits of quantity will be placed on certain items depending on your share size. For example Single Shares can choose 1 head of lettuce and Full Shares could have up to 2 heads. Members will also be able to choose to not take an item. For example if you don’t want beets this week but would rather have a bunch of radishes or Hakurei Turnips. Members will still sign up for the 32 week Extended Season or the 24 week Summer Season and 8 week Winter Seasons respectively. It is our hope that by offering more flexibility and choice to our CSA members that we can meet the needs of all of our members.

How do we get those greens so clean?!?

We take great pride in the cleanliness of our veggies here at HHF. We go to great lengths during harvesting and post-harvesting to make sure you, our customers, are getting the freshest, cleanest, healthiest USDA certified organic veggies available!

Overwintering Allium Transplanting Commences

We’re excited to have glorious weather for our fall onion & garlic transplanting this year!  Last year (2018) was a real struggle with all of the rain.  This year it’s been smooth sailing!!!! 

An enormous amount of work and preparation goes into planning where each crop will go.  For instance the field where we are planting the alliums this fall, had the chickens on it for a few months earlier this spring.  Then it was planted to a cover crop of Buckwheat & Sorghum Sudan Grass for most of the summer months.  Once those got turned in to the soil and started to decompose we were able to get the beds prepped and ready for planting the allium crops.   It’s now the third week of October and we are finally getting these crops in the ground!  

WOW…  that’s a lot of planning & preparation!!!

Open House Sunday September 15th

Join us on Sunday September 15th from 4pm- 6pm for cocktails and farm walks.  Bring a friend and come see what organic agriculture looks like in central MO!

For directions to the farm follow the map on the Contact Page on our website.