Planting, Planting, Planting!


This is always a busy time of year on a vegetable farm!  It’s especially busy this spring with the added challenge of following the CDC guidelines of ‘Social Distancing’ and all of our new sanitizing procedures.   Much of farm work requires working in close proximity with one another for building projects, transplanting, seeding in the greenhouse, etc., etc.   We’re doing our very best to keep our crew happy & healthy and producing fabulous food for our community!!

Potting Up Tomatoes


This is a crazy busy time of year on our vegetable farm!  And with the unusual times we currently find ourselves in, my kiddos are at home during the day.  So, I’ve been spending a lot more time with them and they’re learning all about the work we do here.  Little Ellowyn gets tuckered out pretty easily! 

The baby tomato plants I am ‘bumping up’ in this photo, will be transplanted in our high tunnels in just a few weeks.  Some of the plants will also be available for sale @ the Columbia Farmers Market in early May.

Sneak Peak Into Our Pack Shed

We take great pride in our efforts of maintaining exceptionally high standards of cleanliness & high quality produce here at HHF!

Take a look at this video tour of our wash/pack shed & how we process loose leafy greens.

Weekly Ordering Now Available

We’re here, continuing to grow delicious healthy food for all of our community!
Uncertainty is a feeling that we farmers sit with on a daily basis.  Uncertainty is what propels farmers to be so innovative, resilient and excellent problem solvers! 
We are staying calm and level headed and going about our daily routine of growing healthy food.
Place your orders (e-mail: for the weekly availability list) by end of day Monday, for Wednesday afternoon Pick Up or Delivery
  • In Columbia every Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm @ 2232 Country Lane (current home of my mother & previous home of my grandparents)
  • Delivered Wednesday afternoon to your preferred location for a nominal $7 fee
  • Picked up at Happy Hollow Farm any time after 3pm on Wednesday

New Pick Up Location


We now have 2 locations where you can pick up your mid-week CSA Shares!  Pick up time is 4:30-6pm on Wednesday afternoons.

CSA members Marc & Johanna’s house in the neighborhood by the Columbia Country Club and

CSA members Jon & Jason’s house by the Clovers Natural Market at Forum & Chapel Hill.