Jeanne’s Salad Dressing

September 12th, 2010 No Comments » Posted in Fall, recipes, Spring, Summer, Winter

Make the dressing in the blender or food processor. Ingredients are listed in order of quantity added (the olive oil is the largest quantity item, everything below herbs/spices the smallest).

Basic recipe

olive oil ½ to 1 cup
favorite vinegar (wine, rice, apple cider – or a bit of each) or lemon juice about one quarter of the quantity of oil used
tahini healthy tablespoon or more
red miso healthy tablespoon or more
garlic, whole cloves (the blender chops up) 3-6 to taste
umeboshi paste (very optional) teaspoon
favorites herbs/spices (turmeric makes yellow) to taste
black pepper to taste
shoyu or tamari (optional – miso already has salt) dash
szechuan sauce (optional – adds hot) dash

•    Add dairy products such as feta or yogurt, but won’t keep as long with these more perishable items added.
•    To chill out the vinegar or lemon juice, add a teaspoon or so of honey, or a bit of mayonnaise, which already has sugar in it.
•    Add any other dang thing you want to … chives, parsley, pesto, you name it!  (just remember the fresher the stuff the more perishable)

Correcting Consistency

When using the blender, the dressing usually appears thin.   If you use the dressing quickly, you may not have to refrigerate it and can use as is.  However, I keep the dressing for at least two weeks so refrigeration is necessary.

Refrigeration makes the dressing too thick to pour so I do one of the following:
1) remove the dressing from the fridge 30 minutes before using,
2) add water to it when still in the blender, which takes some trial and error to get the consistency right, or
3) add water after the first 30 minute warming up time.