Spring Has Sprung!

Warm weather and spring rains equals thousands of transplants to set out and the first sore muscles of the season.  Time to start our weekly yoga sessions!

Winter veggies at HHF

Winter vegetable production has become one of our specialties here at Happy Hollow Farm!  Living in Zone 6a in Mid Missouri provides us with the unique opportunity of being able to grow a wide array of cool weather loving vegetables under the protection of unheated high tunnels. 


We also build small low tunnels, inside the high tunnels, using metal hoops and lots of row cover (a woven polyester breathable material) which acts as a blanket to keep things from freezing.  You’ve never tasted anything as sweet and delicious as overwintered greens like spinach, kale & swiss chard!



Flower CSA Shares

Happy Hollow Farm’s Flower Bouquet CSA Shares are now available!  Sign up for 12 weeks of beautiful bouquets that you can pick up Saturdays at the Columbia Farmers Market or have them delivered to your door.  Just fill out the Membership Form on the Join Us page.

Week 17 CSA Newsletter

Garden Ribbon Snake


It’s been a SUPER hot week!  We’ve been picking tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, okra & eggplant for hours every day.  Not much time for doing other tasks like seeding fall crops, planting the many crops we have in the greenhouse that are ready to go out, or tackling the weeds that are growing in the fields.  Hopefully once the heat breaks we’ll be able to play catch up!

We did catch a glimpse of this beautiful Garter Snake in the tomato patch last week.  I’m so, glad to have such wonderful helpful critters on the farm!

Check out this week’s Week 17, Okra CSA newsletter to find out what fabulous veggies will be on this week’s menu.

Week 12 CSA Newsletter

Liz's Hand w/ Transplant

Check out this week’s Week 12, Carrots CSA Newsletter.  We’ve got some great veggies for you this week & some fabulous things happening on the farm!