New high tunnel “Wayne”

Wayne was my grandfather.  A very influential person in my upbringing.  And a very fitting name for the new tunnel.  He was an awesome and inspiring man and helped guide me to be the woman I am today! 

The skin is on! Now just to prep the beds and get things in the ground.

New high tunnel construction commences

Early Morning Fog

How the dry ground soaks up the rain & the temperature difference causes such a beautiful early morning fog!!!

Farmers Market Fun

Tomatoes & Sheetcake!

Can’t get any better than this.

Love my farmers market customers!!!

Community & Farming

We had an awesome group of friends, fellow farmers & their families out at the farm yesterday for Eclipse viewing.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!!!!  We got some great work done on the farm in the morning and in the afternoon.  Spent the majority of the mid-day watching the Eclipse, eating & drinking a few beers.  And then had a fabulous end of day/hot afternoon swim in our creek.  I LOVE my community!!!!