The winter CSA season is nearly upon us.  Don’t miss your chance to receive 6 weeks of fabulous winter greens, squashes, root crops & much more (mid-October thru December)!

Welcome to Happy Hollow Farm

Happy Hollow Farm is nestled among the rolling hills along the Missouri River. The primary growing fields border the Little Splice Creek bottom and thus benefit from beautiful silt loam soils that are rich in organic matter. The farming techniques used on this farm are a combination of highly managed cover cropping, crop rotations, the application of compost, mulch and small quantities of minerals and nutrients. My goal is to give back more to the soil than I take.

What is Happy Hollow Farm Community Supported Agriculture?

Happy Hollow Farm welcomes all who are interested in supporting local sustainable agriculture to become a CSA member.  Each member receives a box of seasonal produce every week during the 25 week growing season (mid-May thru the end of October).  In exchange, members help with some of the harvesting and distribution of the weekly boxes. The farmer and the consumer thus provide mutual support and share in the risks and rewards of local food production.

“If you eat, you’re involved in agriculture” -Wendell Berry

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What's Happening on the Farm This Week?

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Week 1, Winter CSA 2014
Post Date: October 20th, 2014

New high tunnel underwayAs if growing veggies wasn’t enough for us to do on a daily basis.  We’ve thrown into the fall mix the construction of a second, even larger, high tunnel!  Winter veggies here we come!!!

Check out this week’s Week 1, Cabbage CSA newsletter to find out all about how to make the best use of your CSA veggies as we start into the winter growing season.